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‘I will not see COVID-19 positive Muslim patients’: Alleged WhatsApp chat of Rajasthan doctors go viral

In recent times, there has been several reports pertaining to religious bias and now, screenshots of a purported conversation between the staff of a Rajasthan hospital has come under the police scanner.… According to an Indian Express report, the staff of a private hospital in Churu district had had a WhatsApp conversation about not treating Muslim patients. Allegedly, the individuals are associated with the Srichand Baradiya Rog Nidan Kendra in the Sardarshahar area of Rajasthan.

One of the members of the group called ‘BARDIA RISE’ had vowed to not do X-rays for Muslim patients from the next day. The same individual had also urged others to stop attending to Muslim patients. The members also opined that since that only Muslims had tested positive in the Sardarshahar area, they should be attended to by a Muslim doctor.

“We should not say this, but they are terrorists. And we are providing them VIP treatment, providing them food… exhausting our resources on them,” Dr Aarti Lalchandani was heard saying in the clip

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