Fasting Muslim man donates blood, breaks fast to help Hindu

Often Muslims across the world are looked down upon and it also surprises people from other religion to receive free help from a Muslim. The beauty if Islam is also to help others in need for the sake of humanity. This incident is surely an example of it where a twenty-six year old Muslim man Md. Panaulla Ahmed broke his fast to donate blood to a needy person who happens to be Hindu.

Resting after his ‘sehri’ (pre-dawn meal) on Wednesday morning, Ahmed a ward boy noticed his roommate Tapash Bhagawati and operation theatre technician upset.… “I asked him what the problem was and immediately offered to donate my blood,” says Ahmed who works with Tapash at the same private hospital in Guwahati.

When Ahmed offered help Tapash was not sure to accept his help as he was fasting and that would weaken him if he donates blood. “I had got negative responses from many before Ahmed offered. I was happy, but didn’t want him to break his fast. But he was adamant,” recalls Tapash.…The patient’s family was more than happy receiving Ahmed’s kind gesture and yes they were surprised too.…


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