‘Even while fasting during Ramzan, they have to eat meat’: BJP leader incites violence in name of ‘gau raksha’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have espoused NDA leaders to win sabka vishwas but it appears that former BJP mayor from Aligarh, Shakuntala Bharati, did not get the memo. On Tuesday, the BJP leader threatened to take law into her own hands after a few self-appointed ‘cow vigilantes’ stopped a vehicle allegedly carrying ‘beef’ to Aligarh.

In a video, the former BJP mayor can be heard warning the Uttar Pradesh police officers that people would “do what they want” if the instances of cow slaughter are not immediately curbed. She even urged her cadres to thrash those who are purportedly involved in cow slaughter.

In a series of highly objectionable comments, Bharati mocked the Rozedars (who keep a fast during Ramzan), criticising them for consuming meat even as they keep fasts during the holy month. The comments were caught on camera.…