Dhoolpet’s Shankar Singh fasts during Ramadan, believes in communal harmony

Dhoolpet locality in Hyderabad is known these days more for Raja Singh, the BJP MLA who does not leave any opportunity to roast what he calls the minority appeasement policy of the TRS government. But it is also the same Dhoolpet where a 36-year-old resident Shankar Singh has revealed that he has been fasting during Ramadan for the last 12 years. He said that he takes his last meal, like Muslims, at around 4-00 am and breaks the fast at sunset.…

Shankar Singh has an educated homemaker wife and three sons and a daughter. His eldest son is in Intermediate (pre-University course). He believes that Hyderabad which is known for its communal harmony and bonhomie among all communities should retain its historical character.

“I believe that all people in the country, especially in Hyderabad should live like a khandan (family) taking care of each other and show respect to the beliefs of others,” he said.