Delhi Violence: Muslims Formed Human Chain to Protect Hindu Shops in Khureji Khas and Chand Bagh

When some parts of the Northeast Delhi were burning for three days from February 23 to 25 owing to attack by trained rioters, Muslim residents of Chand Bagh, Khureji Khas and Moonga Nagar areas presented a unique example of India’s mixed culture of tolerance of religious unity and proved how people of different faiths can live in coexistence with each other.

Muslims from these three areas formed a human chain around two Hindu shops – a bakery in Khureji Khas and a sweets shop exactly opposite to it on the other side of the road falling in Chand Bagh – to protect them from masked men wearing helmets indulging into riot and attacking properties. And this happened at a time when Muslim shops and showrooms on Khureji Khas-Bhajanpura main road were being torched in presence of police.

The common citizens forming human chain to protect Hindu shops had taken the initiative on their own as a part of their moral duty and humanism in them. Speaking to India Tomorrow team, Gyanendra K. Kochar, owner of Bunny Bakers, said,… “The local Muslims protected my bakery from the marauding mob on February 23 and 24 by forming human chain in front of it. Throughout the night, they kept vigil to ensure that no one harms my bakery. On February 25 also, they formed a human chain to ensure my bakery was not harmed. But the mob on February 25 was so big that they could not stop them physically.”…


Delhi violence: Groups spread peace message in Jafrabad (Mar 2, 2020, India Today)
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