Corona Warrior In Burqa Helps Sanitise Delhi Temples, Priests Welcome Her

Covered in a burqa from head to toe, 32-year-old Imrana Saifi is not the typical visitor to the Nav Durga Temple in North Delhi’s Nehru Vihar. But the coronavirus crisis has thrown up striking images of communal harmony from the district that saw deadly clashes just over two months ago.

With a disinfectant spray in hand, Imrana Saifi has taken up the responsibility of sanitising several of the temples, mosques and gurdwaras lining the neighbourhood. The mother of three observes the day-long fast for the holy month of Ramzan but does not fail to show up every day with the sanitiser tank provided by the local residential welfare association.

The priests welcome and even help her as she requests permission to spray the disinfectant inside and outside the temples in the north Delhi neighbourhood.

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