We are proud to bring you everyday stories of Communal Harmony in our beautiful country. Throughout its history, India’s beauty has been its Unity in Diversity. India is the only country in the world that has these multitude of cultures, languages, cuisines, appearances, even huge variations in natural / geographical features and climates etc. Where else do you find such rich tapestry of human civilization in all its magnificent splendor and as many colors as the eye can feast. It is rightly called a “sub-continent” for this very reason.

But there is increasing onslaught upon it by right-wing forces. IAMC stands firmly to highlight, cherish and promote these pluralistic traditions of our land. Let us resolve to come together and strive to save our India from these polarizing forces.

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Saare Jahaan se Achcha Hindustaan Hamaara !! 


A Bond Of Togetherness! Hindus, Muslims Come Together To Preserve Assam Mosque

Puranigudam Minar, as the locals call it, stands tall in a dusty bylane of Nagaon. Situated inside the Puranigudam Masjid, built in 1824, the turret was about to be demolished to make way for a highway expansion project. The people of Purunigudam, cutting across religious lines, would not let that happen.… A few concerned locals, both Hindus and Muslims, approached …

Karwan e Mohabbat’s journey of solidarity through a wounded India

Karwan e Mohabbat’s journey of solidarity through a wounded India https://www.facebook.com/KarwaneMohabbat/videos/648287198921042/ KARWAN E MOHABBAT·THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2019 There is an evil stalking our land, of hate and fear engineered by cynical politics. As lynchings threaten to grow into a national epidemic, minority communities are learning to endure an intense sense of foreboding – a lurking, unnamed, unspoken fear. This is …

Kashmiri Sikhs Thank Muslims For Return Gifts, But Still, Wait For Their Dues In The State

Kashmiri Muslims responded by offering concessional services to Sikhs, after they (Sikhs) facilitated return of students stuck in some regions of North India amid mob attacks and fear psychosis in wake of Pulwama attack. Many in Kashmir are showering praises on the Sikh community after a few organisations came forward in times of distress to help Kashmiri students return home, …