Communal Harmony

This page talks about the stories showing how the people of India still manage to present a picture of communal harmony in the current vicious atmosphere of hatred.

Meet the neighbours

By Anuradha Sengupta On a muggy August Sunday, a group of around 52 people took a walk around the old Kolkata neighbourhood of…

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Palanpur village sets example in communal amity PALANPUR: At a time when communalism, provincialism and linguistic differences are being kindled for political gains, a sleepy village on Palanpur-Ahmedabad…

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Muslims in Ullal herald message of communal harmony

MANGALURU: Murders, attacks on innocent youths, communal tension and hate speeches may have given Ullal the tag of a ‘hyper-sensitive region’. However, the residents of Ullal are doing their bit to set up an example of communal harmony in the area.
On Friday, Muslims in Ullal extended festival wishes to the Hindus celebrating the annual festival at Sri Ullalthi Dharma Arasara Temple, Uliya. While the Hindus were busy in celebrations, Muslims welcomes the devotees by offering them fruit juices.

The occasion was Prathishte – Brahmakalashotsava and Dharma Nadavali Mahotsava of Sri Ullalthi Dharma Arasara Temple, which is one of the prominent Hindu shrines in the region.
The initiative to offer fruit juice and welcome Hindu devotees to the festival was taken up by the management committee of Sayyid Madani Ullal Darga, which is one of the famous Muslim shrines of South India. Minister for food, civil supplies and consumer affairs U T Khader was also behind the initiative, as the region comes under his constituency.

The initiative was praised by the people and also by the police department. Usually, the police department is at the receiving end whenever incidents of communal clashes and murders are reported.
Deputy commissioner of police M Sanjeev Patil posted pictures of Muslim brethren distributing fruit juices to Hindu devotees at the temple premises.
“Better days of Hindu–Muslim unity are here. Muslim friends distributed cold drinks to devotees at Ullalti Amma Temple. A good initiative by Muslim youths in Ullal which should be continued,” said Patil.


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