Bombay High Court: Tablighi participants were made scapegoats

Bombay High Court has said the government made scapegoats of the foreign nationals who attended the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi in March by accusing them of spreading Covid-19, and that there was a “smell of malice” in the action taken against them.

“A political government tries to find a scapegoat when there is a pandemic or a calamity and the circumstances show that there is probability that these foreigners were chosen to make them a scapegoat,” the court’s Aurangabad bench said on Friday, quashing FIRs against 29 foreigners.…

A division bench of Justices T.V. Nalawade and M.G. Sewlikar noted that while Maharashtra police had acted mechanically in the case, the state government had taken steps under “political compulsion”.

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