Aurangabad: Landlord waives of Rs 7.5 lakh rent of tenants

A city-based landlord Yusuf Mukati, who owns commercials shops in Gulmandi area has waived off a whopping Rs 7.5 lakh rent from his tenants amid the country-wide lockdown. A total of 13 tenants belonging to different religion and community said they were relieved from the major financial burden as their income was completely frozen during the lockdown. 

Shekhar Chandekar, one of the tenants, said that he would never ever forget the noble gesture shown by his landlord. “I run a garment shop, which was closed for more than two months.…,” he said, who pays Rs 15,000 as a monthly rental. Another tenant Avinash Rathod said that the timely help offered by Mukati would really give him much needed relief. “…The relief from paying rent of the shop helped in a big way,” he said adding that he pays a monthly rental of Rs 20,000.

Mukati, who also runs ‘Roti-bank’ also offers free food to needy and poor among other charity ventures in Aurangabad. He said that other landlords should also follow him in waiving off the lockdown rent.

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