‘Artists in Kashmir Are Unable to Express Freely’

Meet Shiekh Zameer Ahmad (40), a painting artist from Old Town Baramulla, Kashmir. He has been painting since his childhood and believes that he inherited it from his father. In a cross-firing between militants and the army in the early 1990s, His father was killed outside his home when Zameer was only seven years old. 

Zameer has won various national level painting competitions and has exhibited his work in several other countries including Dubai and Turkey. He had planned to hold an exhibition in France last year, but could not do it due to months-long lockdown in Kashmir after the removal of Article 370.

conflict in Kashmir has influenced his mind and that is why his paintings in Kashmir mostly show pain and sufferings of people. He says artists in Kashmir… are under limitations and their freedoms have been curtailed that is why they are unable to express freely.


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