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Anti-Muslim sentiments by some Indians abroad costing them their jobs

Some Indians living abroad have lost their jobs in recent weeks for displaying anti-Muslim bigotry on their social media accounts. In Canada earlier this month, Mr Ravi Hooda was sacked from his real estate job and removed from his position on a local school council in Bolton, Ontario.

The incident was preceded by the sacking of about 10 Indians, including some this month in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait. Their anti-Muslim posts were brought to the attention of their employers by social media users.

While the sackings have given rise to discussions, they have failed to curtail Islamophobia online in India, said Mr Pratik Sinha, founder of Alt News, a fact-checking website.… Mr Sinha told The Straits Times: “In India, the polity is such that even senior politicians have tweeted stuff that is hateful or discriminatory in nature. I don’t see how the hate being propagated is going to reduce until the politics of the country changes.

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