Amit Shah called out for calling Bangladeshis ‘termites’: US Govt Report

The US State Department’s “India 2018 Human Rights Report”, has, in its chapter on “Freedom of Movement” clearly criticized BJP chief Amit Shah for terming alleged Bangladeshis who may be in Assam as “termites”.

Shah’s abusive and denigrative use of the terms was used in the context of the names of over 40 lakh persons being truck down from the list of National Register of Citizens, under preparation in Assam. Arguably a vast majority of those excluded are in fact Indian citizens. The US state department report was released recently.

Pointing out that four million residents were excluded from Assam’s final draft list, leading to “uncertainty over the status of these individuals, many of whose families had lived in the state for several generations”, the report regrets, the Indian law does not even contain the term “refugee,” treating refugees like Rohingiyas as “any other foreigners.”…