Ahmedabad Violence: Police fires 71 Teargas Shells, Pregnant Woman Beaten Up, One-and-A Half Year Old Kid Thrown Away by Cops, 27 People Arrested

After a clash between the policemen and the local people under Shahpur police station of Ahmedabad in Gujarat on Friday evening, as many as 29 persons, including a 60- year-old man, were arrested on charges of attempt to murder, conspiracy and rioting as also Section 51(b) of the National Disaster Management Act (NDMA) and Section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897.

police fired 71 teargas shells to disperse the mob. While police claim that one of their personnel sustained injuries in the head, besides small injuries to several others… According to locals, it was around 6.15 pm, just 15 minutes before the ‘iftar’ or fast breaking time when a woman was going towards her house with a 10 kg bag of ‘aata'(wheat flour) on her head and she was stopped by a police patrolling team. “The policemen not only threw away the flour bag but also made her do sit-ups”, say the locals

In another incident around the same time, another police party beat up a Muslim milk-seller. When some women came to protect the man, they were also beaten by the police”, alleged several local women. “They even threw my one and a half year old kid from my lap and dragged me up to my house while beating me all along”, said a young lady. Another woman said that they beat up a pregnant lady when she tried to prevent the policemen from beating her brother.

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