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After Mob Attacks and Trade Boycott, Muslims Being Forced to Convert to Hinduism in Delhi and Haryana Villages

After a hate campaign launched by print, electronic and digital media against Muslims in the wake of the coronavirus spread that resulted in mob attacks on Muslims and their trade boycott, Muslims are now being forced to convert to Hinduism in several villages of Haryana as also in villages in Bawana area of Delhi, bordering Haryana’s Sonepat district.

The latest example of the forced conversion has come from Harevali village in Bawana area where all the 12 Muslim families with about 60 members, were forcibly converted to Hinduism on May 5.

The villager said that they did not oppose the “shuddhikaran” because of fear of atrocities from the Hindu villagers.… Asked if the Muslims were observing the Ramzan, he said, “We are observing fast and performing ‘namaz’ also inside our houses secretly, without our Hindu neighbours coming to know of it”.  He said that the Muslims would take up the issue with the police after the Ramzan and lockdown were over.

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