Activists, Academicians Warn Opposition Parties that BJP’s Return to Power Will be Disastrous

Social activists and academicians issued a strong joint statement warning the opposition parties of the dangers of the return of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to power in the present Lok Sabha elections.

The press statement issued on Tuesday severely charged the Narendra Modi government of “taking India towards a totalitarian and violent mass culture” and urged all opposition parties to “realize and confront the gravity of the threat to democracy”.

Pointing to Narendra Modi government’s undemocratic and unconstitutional actions, the group of concerned citizen noted “All these are taking India towards a totalitarian and violent mass culture, which will be a threat to everyone who do not come out to support the regime. Any successes of BJP in the coming elections will deepen the hollowing out of Indian democracy. All non-BJP political parties, irrespective of their programmes, and regardless of the social groups they represent, will be victims of the implosion of democracy under BJP/RSS rule”.…