A Race Against Time to Save the Missing 3 Crore Indian Muslim Voters

Election after election, the Muslim representation in Indian Parliament and Assemblies has been receding. Given the fact that the Muslims represent 14.2 percent chunk of the country’s population, according to official census, simple arithmetic would suggest that the Lok Sabha, the lower house of Parliament, should have at least 80 Muslim MPs. Yet the existing minuscule number of 24 doesn’t even come anywhere close to this figure.

Doubtless, the exclusion is staggering and has deprived Muslims an effective voice and say in legislation and the country’s governance. The situation has started to look even bleaker under the current dispensation with not only the BJP but also other political parties trying to aggressively appease the majority community at the expense of religious minorities.

When the BJP did not field a single Muslim candidate in the elections for the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh where Muslims constitute over 19.2 % of the total population and still won with a thumping majority, the Muslims felt even more marginalised.…