A Bond Of Togetherness! Hindus, Muslims Come Together To Preserve Assam Mosque

Puranigudam Minar, as the locals call it, stands tall in a dusty bylane of Nagaon. Situated inside the Puranigudam Masjid, built in 1824, the turret was about to be demolished to make way for a highway expansion project. The people of Purunigudam, cutting across religious lines, would not let that happen.…

A few concerned locals, both Hindus and Muslims, approached the district administration with a memorandum to preserve the Minar, but the NHAI and public works department said moving it would be difficult. Not relenting, some of them started a crowd-funding initiative. Soon, their campaign caught the attention of an engineering firm based in Haryana.

…Now, the Minar is being moved 70 feet away from the original site, engaging six labourers. “Initially, we estimated a Rs 5-lakh budget. But it has shot up to Rs 8 lakh. So, our firm is chipping in. The work is 60% done. In another 20 days, we will be able to finish it,” Chauhan further said. For the locals, this comes as a relief after a long battle. “It has been four years since we took the initiative to preserve the site. The Minar is a symbol of harmony in Nagaon.…



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