Over five years, BJP has consistently sought to marginalise Muslims – By Harsh Mander

…The BJP’s election campaign makes it abundantly clear that it has declared war on a segment of India’s citizens. Since the Constitution assures equal citizenship to all regardless of their faith and caste, this is also a war on the Constitution.

It is war against the ethos of the freedom struggle, and against what is finest in India’s civilisational legacy – its pluralism, its accommodation of diversity.

The 2014 general elections were crafted by the BJP to render India’s Muslims politically irrelevant by welding disadvantaged Hindu castes with privileged castes- and in India’s Northeast even with Christians – against the constructed common enemy, India’s Muslims.… In 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led from the front. He taunts his political adversary, Rahul Gandhi, for fighting elections in a seat in which “the minority is the majority”, insinuating that this is somehow an insult both to Hindus and the nation.…



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