The BJP Is Digging Its Own Grave – By Shankar Gopalakrishnan

These days, most of us are focused on what is going to happen on May 23 – and what that will mean for our hopes for ourselves and our country. But in being preoccupied with voting and the results, it’s easy to miss the deeper significance of some of the trends this election has already thrown up.

Elections often act as a giant lens, bringing into focus subterranean trends that were already developing. And if there is one thing that these polls have brought into focus, it is the hollowing out and brittleness of what the BJP represents – at precisely what might look like its moment of greatest triumph.

That isn’t necessarily a good thing, even for those of us who are opposed to the RSS’s ideology. But it does mean that, while the future may head down several pathways – some of them terrifying – in the long term a monochromatic, dictatorial ‘Hindu Rashtra’ run by the RSS is actually quite unlikely.…


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