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4 Dalits Killed in 4 Days in Tamil Nadu, Activists Say Upper Castes Using Lockdown as Opportunity for Assaults

Covid lockdown has manifolded the distress of the oppressed Dalits in Tamil Nadu. Since first phase of lokdown, which began on mrach 25, more than 30 major incidents of caste-based violence occured in the state, as claimed by Madurai-based NGO Evidence.

As reported by News 18, in last four days only four dalits were killed. Caste-based violence has also incresed and the culprits are roaming free as court has ruled that the accused need not to attend the hearing due to coronavirus lockdown.

In Nilakottai the upper-caste people have boycotted the Dalits community saying they are not hygienic people. These people are in severe misery since most of them don’t have bathrooms in their houses. Government latrines are not useable. They are forced to defecate in open space. The Central government’s allowance to open liquor shops has further marginalising the poor Dalit communities.

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