102-year-old Muslim man along with Muslim villagers asked to prove Citizenship within a day in India’s Assam, else get deported

A 102-year-old Muslim man along with 2900 Muslims from the villages of north-east India’s Assam state were summoned to prove their citizenship within a day by traveling over 500 Kms to Upper districts. The panicked villagers sold their lands, cattle, jewellery, and everything to board the buses, Inside Northeast news agency reported.

Mohammed Anuwar Ali was born 102 years ago in the village of Assam’s Kamrup district, and he spent his entire life in the village. But he went bewildered when the authorities summoned him to Sibsagar area to prove his citizenship, failing to prove it will send all of them to deportation centers. After selling everything, the villagers carried hefty price tag of Rs. 25,000 to 35,000 each to reach the Upper districts.

The agony-hit Ali said, “I have been summoned to Sibsagar, Jorhat, places I have never even heard the names of. I was born here 102 years ago, and I have been here ever since”, Inside Northeast reported. He added that over 16 of his family members have also received the notices, and how will they gather “huge” money to travel. The villagers have asked the Government how they are expected to reach the Upper Assam districts within a day while their financial conditions are too low.…



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